Story of animal restaurant

Hi, I am the main animal chef.
Service is about professional. Look at me and my assistants.
Dog Food Is Served

The food at my animal restaurant is mostly the food of my grandmother.
Living Kittens Dressed up are Served a Meal by Their Chef Rabbit

Do you understand how busy I am in this animal restaurant.

Cafe Cats

We can dance and we can cook!
When I was a kid, my whole family cooked. My father cooked. My sister cooked. My cousin cooked. We have our animal restaurant.

Dinner and Dance

However, the problem is I can't even toast at the beginning.

Can't Even Cook Toast

But as long as I am humble enough, and have a willing heart to listen and learn, I will be how about taking a break for now.

Spaghetti al Fresco

(Some days later.....)

See, now, my pie can fly.

Pie in the Sky

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Story of animal cook.

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