Animal Quiz: Dangerous Encounters With Animals

This is animal quiz time.
In dangerous encounters with animals like below situations, what will you do? (With suggestions from experts at the end.)

A) Quickly leave your car, go to the back of those dangerous animals and take a photo for them like this.

Bears Begging at Side of Car

B) Play with them without opening the windows. They will get bore and leave eventually.
Bears Begging at Car

C) Put finger into your month and calm down yourself.
Sikuku the Cheetah Peers into a Car at Woburn Wild Animal Kingdom Bedfordshire, July 1970

D) Open the window, with your camera really and ask the dangerous animals to say "CHEESE".
Bear Leaning into Car Window while Begging for Food from Passing Tourists, Yellowstone National Park

Here are few videos on how to survive in encountering dangerous animals:

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