Do Animals Become Great Animal Performer?

Do animals become the great animal performer in keeping balance?

Dog, "Yes and hire me."

Lazy cat, "Yes, it save my energy."

Squirrel, "Yes, I can balance while eating."
Red Squirrel Balancing on Pine Stump, Norway

Dog, "Yes, I can balance what I eat."

The Head of a Dog Balancing a Dog Biscuit Upon its Nose

Little squirrel, "Me too."

Carrying a Mouthful of Grass, a Pika Balances on a Rock

Polar bear, "Balance is fun!".
A Playful Polar Bear Balances a Snowball on its Head

Cat, "Right, it's fun."

Balancing Act

Penguins, "Guys, see who fall first."

Adelie Penguins Balance on Iceberg, Antarctic Peninsula

Elephane, "Balance is the key in stressful days..."

Balance Is The Key

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