Story of animal bath under the sun

Face to the Sun ~Lori fiechter~

Eyes closed,
Face turned toward the sun,
toward the warmth,
Beams shine through the window,
past the screens,
to my face.

Bathing in Sunlight

Sunlight on Whale Tail

Eyes opened,
face toward the Son,
toward the Light.
Grace shines through the window,
past the screens,
to my soul, wrapping my soul in warmth.

Yellow Seahorse Against Sunlight, Mediterranean Sea

Monarch Butterfly in Sunlight on Orange Background

Then Truth shines--
It is a bright light, a strong light,
A piercing light, a blinding light,
and yet, by Him, I see.

A Barn Cat Basks in the Sunlight

p.s.: Don`t make things complicated. In animal bath, no water is needed. All they need is sunlight...

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